Fellow Monrovians,

I have established with you what I have accomplished in my first 5 years as a board member, and currently as the board president. I would like to lay out for you what my goals are if I am elected again.

  1. Transition our middle schools with arts programs to complement our new Wild Rose Creative Art School. The arts are very important for a student. The arts help instill pride, teach cultural awareness, and develop real-life skills for children. Every student will benefit greatly by having these art programs in place at all school levels.

  2. Encourage Camp “Catch-Up” for all of our summer schools. Camp Catch-Up is designed to help our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who are behind with their reading and math skills. With this program, the students will have the means to catch up from the previous school year, and start the new school year at the same level as their fellow students.

  3. Continue advocating for financial resources for our special education programs in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento. We are currently getting 12% of the resources promised to us. Our special education programs are reaching capacity, and the promised funding is needed for us to continue without needing to use funds already allocated for general education in our district.

  4. Have all high school and middle school sports events and games be broadcast live to the community. By having the games broadcast, it will help in building community relations, sponsorship opportunities, and increase parent and student involvement with the PTSA.

  5. Build more dual language immersion programs in our district, including French and American Sign Language. Students gain a better understanding of their native language, and gain the advantage of being bilingual in today’s world, where knowing more than one language is a valuable asset to society.