Accomplishments Accredited to Terrence:

  • Established broadcast capabilities for the entire school district, including the unincorporated area, inside the MUSD board meetings to keep the community more aware and involved with the school board.

  • Encouraged stronger synergy with the Mayor, the Monrovia City Council and the MAD Town Council because he believed that all of the elected officials in Monrovia should work together for the betterment of the community.

  • Supported the return of the Monrovia Day Parade along with other school board and council members.

  • Directed in establishing the dual immersion programs, which include both Mandarin and Spanish, into Plymouth Elementary School (Mandarin) and Monroe Elementary School (Spanish).

  • Visited Washington, DC, with other school board members to advocate to senators for more funding for special education in the MUSD.

  • Helped start the Early College program for grades 9-12, allowing students to earn credits for college while in high school.